In Colombia, a work visa is a document issued to foreign personnel by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows them to legally enter and work in the country for a specific time. Visas may vary in duration, requirements, and conditions according to the established immigration policies in Colombia.

If the contract lasts more than three months, the foreigner must apply for a foreigner identification card associated with the visa to work in Colombia.

Types of work visas in Colombia

Visa type M Worker: Document available for foreigners interested in working in Colombia with a legal entity through an employment contract in any of its modalities. Validity: This visa may be granted for up to 3 years.

Type V Visa: Visitor visas are intended for short to medium-stay activities in the country and do not grant temporary or permanent resident status. It applies to leisure activities, tourism, or cultural interest, among other activities. Validity: This type of visa is issued for up to two (2) years.

Type R Visa: Resident Visa for those who aspire to establish themselves or fix their permanent domicile in Colombia for having renounced Colombian nationality; being the father of a Colombian national by birth; accumulated time of permanence; direct foreign investment.

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