HR Software

Human resources software for comprehensive management with cutting-edge technology arrives in Colombia.

  • 100% cloud with mobile access.
  • It is very flexible.
  • Allows complete parameterization without having to hire specialized personnel.
  • Self-service for collaborators in its different modules.
  • Agile implementation. No dependence on consultancy.
  • High-impact reporting system and customizable.
  • Access and cost-on-demand methodologies, you only pay for what you use.

What is HCWork?

It is a comprehensive human capital management system to manage all HR processes in your organization in a fraction of the time.

HCWork Features

Our human resources software with 100% cloud and mobile access.

Mobile: Responsive design that adapts to any mobile device.

Flexible: Implementation process that adjusts to the size, budget, and culture of the organization.

Intuitive: Focused on providing the best user experience.

Modern: Cutting-edge and innovative technology

HCWork Advantages

Cost: It is a modular system; each organization can implement the modules according to their needs and make incremental processes according to their budget.

Integration: All the human resources areas are in one place: organization charts, training, vacations, applications, and payroll, among others.

Reports: The reporting engine provides countless possibilities adaptable to your organization.

WORKIA and S&P Alliance

Digitalization is a reality that encompasses all areas of business management without excluding, of course, human resources management.

WORKIA Solutions consolidates its expansion process in Latin America with the start of operations in Colombia. Hand in hand with Solutions & Payroll and its team of experts, an alliance was established that will begin to revolutionize the HR world with innovative technology.

HCM software implementation

As experts in Colombia, we offer you support in the process of configuration and integration of the tool, guaranteeing its operation and correct use. In addition, you will always have the most up-to-date version of the tool, ensuring that the HCM software is always up to date with new trends, processes, and needs.

You will always have a responsive team attentive to answering all your questions and concerns during and after the implementation process.

HCM software benefits

This technological tool maximizes Human Talent management, facilitates work, and boosts productivity and efficiency, achieving excellent results for companies.

Facilitates decision-making.

With all the information at hand, decisions regarding human talent management and the creation of strategic plans focused on the current needs are more accurate.

Improves the organization's productivity.

Having specialized software helps HR professionals in their daily work because it facilitates internal processes and allows employees to manage their requests. Some companies use e-mail to address these needs. However, with an automated system, management is more agile, saving up to 40% of the time that could be spent on other activities.

Increases human talent satisfaction.

The employee self-management module will allow all members of the organization to access their information and requests immediately, reducing the operational burden and increasing satisfaction at the same time.

Protects the company's information.

You will get the control and confidence to manage your human resources processes with maximum flexibility and the highest security standards.

Minimize errors.

The implementation of this system reduces payroll errors so that personnel administration processes are more secure, agile, and organized.

Facilitates decision-making.

With all the information at hand, decisions regarding human talent management and the creation of strategic plans focused on the current needs are more accurate.

Reduces operations costs.

Relying on an HCM system saves money by streamlining the internal operations of human resources areas through efficiency and self-management of processes.

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